Cost Benefits

Most experiences in the world are paired with a similar, yet substantially refined equivalent: 

Toyota →Lexus, Economy →First Class,

General Admission →VIP. 

Technology isn't any different, Sony, Samsung, Apple, etc...all offer options based on price, performance, and quality.

Regrettably internet, where performance and quality have a major impact on day to day living, leaves many wanting. More often than not,  the "options" are mediocre bandwidth increases and saving money by going paperless, Customers are saddled with intermittent connectivity and "best effort" download speeds.


Luxury Broadband

"Luxury Broadband" is a term that describes the overall experience when interacting with the world wide web and the company that delivers the connection to you.

Opulis sells and delivers internet services in the Luxury Broadband market. Our service  affords our customers the peace of mind that they will never jump through hoops to upgrade, downgrade, change address, or request in-home service.


One call, to a real person, without holding, will give you an exceptional internet connection with real privacy and unmatched performance.



What if you selected your connection to the world in the same fashion you would dinner, or a car?

Say Hello To 


By Merging enterprise class connectivity with personable and accommodating staff, we provide a tailored internet experience that's purpose-built to be palatable to the most demanding market segment, second only to mission-critical.